INTERVIEW: Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music)

If there are only a handful of artists who’s music actively embody their culture, history, and passion for what they do, Anthony Attalla is at the top of that list. A native of Detroit, Anthony has taken on a passion for the techno roots that grow deep within the city. Then, in 2011 Anthony moved to Chicago and rediscovered the groove of classic house music. In 5 short years Attalla has been able to travel the world and gain recognition as one of the genres most innovative and respected DJ/producers. But thats just the tip of the iceberg. Attalla also wears the hat of label boss for his imprint Incorrect Music. Now, at a time where “tech-house” is making major waves in dance music culture, Anthony is able to stand ahead of the pack with the love of both cities behind him.


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Tale of Two Cities: An Interview with Anthony Attalla