Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

We are open every Friday from 10pm-4am, and Saturdays from 10pm-5am. We also have Thursday and Sunday events. Please check the upcoming events schedule for up to date information!

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Gold Coast at the corner of Division St and State Pkwy at 5 West Division Street, Chicago IL, 60610.

How old do you have to be to attend?

All of our events are 21+ only! We require a valid form of federal or state-issued photo ID in order to enter Primary Nightclub

What are your ID policies?

A valid form of federal or state-issued photo ID (drivers license, state ID, passport) is required as proof of age in order to enter Primary Nightclub

Acceptable forms of identification include: a valid, current driver’s license issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state, or a valid photo identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state, or Armed Forces Identification, or a valid U.S. Passport or a passport issued by a foreign country containing the holder’s photograph.

Do you have parking?

There are many paid parking garages and parking lots close to Primary Nightclub. Limited street parking is also available. Please read the parking signs for more information. We strongly recommend using rideshare options or public transportation.

Is there a dress code?

Express yourself, keep it trendy and fashionable. Pretty much anything works as long as you are not wearing board shorts or flip flops.

Do you offer bottle service?

Primary Nightclub offers premium bottle service for all types of celebration. For more information on bottle service packages or current premium bottle prices, please email us at

How do I book a table?

For any table reservations please fill out the online form here or email us at

Do you have a coat check?

During cold weather months, Primary Nightclub has a mandatory coat check due to fire safety regulations. Coat check price is $5 dollars per item.

Is there a smoking section?

Smoking is prohibited inside Primary Nightclub; however, we have a designated smoking area on the right side of the entrance door.

What items are prohibited at the venue?

We do not allow outside food, beverages, or beverage containers. Please do not bring backpacks or large bags. We also do not allow any weapons such as firearms, knives, or pepper spray into the venue. Illegal drugs or non-labeled/improperly-packaged prescription drugs will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

Do you have lost and found?

For any questions, regarding lost and found items, please email us at including your name, event name, date of visit, and description of the item lost. We will get back to you as soon as possible!