DJ Dabura

Like a beam of shining light radiating through the darkness; Dabura has been boisterously radiating his passion for music to the world for over a decade. With a blood line deeply rooted in music and the performing arts, the evidence is revealed through everything Dabura sets out to accomplish. Meticulously artful, creative, cultured and charismatic both on stage and off, his magnetism is irresistible and his love for the art is apparent.

For years Dabura studied this art, cultivating in how to truly move a crowd, capturing an audience through an astonishing live performance full of unconstrained energy, soul and substance. Dabura has been known to apply progressive concepts utilizing an array of Live Instruments, seductive vibes, drums and hypnotism. Dabura’s background stems from an International landscape stretching from Detroit to Beirut which influentially refined his sound into the distinctive experience it is today. Dabura states “I have spent my life enduring in an endless pursuit for harmony, my harmony has just begun”.

Driven and always pushing forward, Dabura is one of the hardest working performers you may ever encounter. Dabura has been making waves through the cities of Detroit and beyond for years, through a series of Monthly Parties and events like, “Dirty Filthy Sexy”, “Sweat”, “Substance” and now “Underground”. This successful breed of events are all attributed to stand for an ideal; a commitment to providing music enthusiasts with the freshest and most cutting edge electronic dance music the world has to offer. Dabura took his show on the road and captivated cities all around the world with his contagious sound echoing from Detroit, Windsor, Miami, Beirut, Cleveland, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Chicago and has collaborated with the industries leading figures like Dubfire, Carl Cox, Danny Howells, Chris lake, Sebastian Leger, Armin Van Burren, Sander Van Dorn, Robbie Rivera, Anthony Attalla, and Benny Benassi just to name a few.

2011 has been an extravagant year for Dabura after winning over the heart of Miami with his Raw & Gritty 7 hour performance on the Groove Cruise, he was asked to return to perform at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival where he again charmed the crowd. The very exuberant Dabura will also be performing at Detroit’s tradition in Techno Music “Movement”: Detroit’s Premiere Electronic Music Festival spanning over May 28th-30th, 2011. Dabura has also secured an arsenal of bookings and events for the summer of 2011 and has multiple productions and collaborations being released on a multitude of top quality labels coming this year. For the latest news and information and booking info please visit