Growing up with a huge respect for the Chicago house music scene, Matthew Anthony held the cities legends in high regard. From classic Chicago house sounds of Derrick Carter, and Joey Youngman to the more recent productions of Green Velvet, Kid Enigma’s vocal work, and the many artists Chicago has incubated the past few years, Matt keeps his eye on this city and his ears to the speaker. Recently, he has taken Chicago producers Intermodal under his wing as well as former Chi-town resident J-Worra and given them an outlet to release their music with his label, Perfect Driver. Matt and his crew of loyal artists have painstakingly gained traction in the saturated market of Los Angeles, making an impact with house and bass. We caught up with him this week as he prepares for his Perfect Driver showcase at Primary Nightclub in Chicago on 9/3 to find out more about what makes him tick as an artist and how that passion became an outlet for established and new artists alike through his LA based imprint.

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Perfect Driver: An Interview with Matthew Anthony