An Interview with Juliet Fox

By: Sylvia Dziemian

Juliet Fox is a hottie, but it’s products of the mind and heart with which we at Primary are most concerned. You see, she makes and plays absolutely killer music, and in the below-documented interview, we made it our business to ask all about how she does it.

First, a little background.

Juliet is Australian. She lived in Ibiza for a season, London for two years, then moved to Berlin, where she’s been based for now over a year.

Chicago techno lovers who have not tasted Berlin’s music scene have certainly dreamt of it. To those in the latter category, FYI per Juliet, Berlin is, indeed, the rumored cultural fertile ground. From street musicians to architecture to the inhabitants and their friendships, the city is an influential scene for our Saturday headliner.

Second, a short tangent.

Have any of you wondered if they talk about Chicago music in Berlin? If so, wonder no more! When asked, Juliet replied, “Haha yeah they do!” And, to our credit, Juliet was first signed to Cajual Records. So, you see, we’re awesome at plucking talent! (Obviously.)

Now, about workflow…

Regarding her studio, Juliet’s favorites include the Roland TR8, Moog Sub 37, and the Dave Smith Tempest. On longer trips away, a Maschine keeps her good company.

Also, you may have noticed our girl writes lyrics, which she adds to her productions. About inspiration to do so, Juliet said, “I have always written my own lyrics, and random ideas come to my head all the time so I quickly record these or write them down.”

Juliet Fox is talented, but talent needs hard work to grease the path to success. And, she cites hard work as a critical component of her successes: “I have really had to work hard myself,” she told us, in addition to great support from her manager, family, as well as the Berliners with whom she collaborated “equally there to help each other grow and succeed.”

Come hear Juliet live this Saturday, 1/28, at Primary. We’re quite excited to hear what she’s got in store for us!