Primary NYE w/ Anthony Attalla

Primary NYE w/ Anthony Attalla

Dustin Sheridan, Derek Specs

Sat, December 31, 2016

9:00 pm

$15.00 - $750.00

This event is 21 and over

Anthony Attalla
Born into a large family of seven, there was always a need to stand out from
the crowd in order to be heard and seen in the Attalla household, and Anthony
had no problem rising to the challenge at a very young age. Being the
youngest, he was always the "family entertainment" with his contagious,
outgoing personality, frequently performing comedy acts, reciting scenes
from movies and even reenacting popular television commercials. Consequently, it was
no surprise to his parents and siblings when he picked up his first set of turntables and
informed them of his dream to perform in front of the masses. Opting to sneak into
warehouse raves and underground parties instead of high school dances, Anthony found
intrigue and mystery in a new form of music that was not readily accessible in the small
suburb of Cleveland, Ohio where he grew up. This infusion of electronic rhythms
combined with the subconscious influence of artists such as Marvin Gaye, Smokie
Robinson, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins
infused Anthony's eclectic view and appreciation of all forms of music. This love for such
a wide array of musical genres gave him the ambition to approach his craft with an open
mind, knowing anything was possible.
After a year of surreptitiously practicing in his basement, Anthony secured his first gig at
a well-known dance club in Cleveland (Spy) on New Years Eve 2002. After his
eye-opening performance, the club immediately requested Anthony as its Saturday night
resident. Within six months he was headlining Cleveland's newest hot-spot, Cloud 9, and
had become a staple in the city's electronic music scene. Anthony soon completed his
college education with a double major in Marketing and Communications and suddenly
found himself moving to metro Detroit to take a prestigious job for one of the world's
largest companies, AT&T.; This move, unbeknownst to Anthony, would permanently shape
his viewpoint of electronic dance music (EDM), as Detroit is commonly known as the
birthplace for techno music. Moonlighting as a businessman by day and a burgeoning DJ
on the weekends, Anthony was living the quintessential "double-life". After a ground
breaking performance at the legendary SNAP monthly party held at The Works, he quickly
became the local favorite at Detroit's most respected club for EDM, Bleu. He then began
the monthly party, "Dirty Filthy Sexy," which is still running today as Detroit's longest
ongoing dance music event, packing the house every month.

As winter of 2006 approached, Anthony found himself hustling between Cleveland
and Detroit every weekend, slowly building a rabid regional following, however, he
wanted more; a bigger challenge. Coincidentally, that is exactly what he received when
The Guvernment (legendary Toronto nightclub – ranked as the #8 club in the world), came
calling. Hearing of his success they decided to give him an opportunity that would
change his career forever, as it isn't everyday that a club of this magnitude reaches out
to a regional talent. Needless to say, Anthony blew the proverbial doors off on his first
visit and became an overnight star in Canada's largest city. The Guvernment instantly
made Anthony a monthly resident and had him performing at all the city's top EDM
venues under their umbrella, growing his name recognition at a feverish pace.
With the increased demand for the next generation of electronic artists to also produce
music, Anthony made an "all-in" decision in the spring of 2006. Deciding that it would
take a 110 percent commitment to truly follow his dream, he quit his lucrative day job to
focus on music full-time. Under the tutelage of various local producers, Anthony began
the lengthy process of learning how to create electronic music all while managing a
hectic DJ schedule on the weekends that was taking him to headlining shows in Chicago,
Toronto, Cleveland, and Detroit. As 2006 ended, Anthony found himself committing all his
free time to production and anxiously awaiting his next big opportunity; wondering what
his future would hold for 2007. Over the next year Anthony made his first appearances
at Winter Music Conference in Miami, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and also procured
residencies at two more of North America's top clubs; Avalon in Los Angeles and Circus
in Montreal. Compiled with additional performances throughout the continent Anthony
was becoming one of the fastest rising electronic artists in the industry and had his loyal
following eagerly anticipating what would surly be a massive 2008…
Dustin Sheridan
Derek Specs
Derek Specs birthed from the 90s Chicago rave scene has contributed to underground dance music for the past 18 years. His current vehicle is Chicago's Primary night club thriving in the Gold coast. Derek selects the top underground talent of the globe making Primary a known force to be reckoned with. When he's not curating his own club he prefers to throw down at others and or a good old loft party or warehouse.
Stay tuned as Derek is back in the studio and focusing on his production this winter so expect the heat!
Venue Information:
Primary Night Club
5 West Division
Chicago, IL, 60610