An Interview with Juliet Fox By: Sylvia Dziemian   Juliet Fox is a hottie, but it’s products of the mind and heart with which we at Primary are most concerned. You see, she makes and plays absolutely killer music, and in the below-documented interview, we made it our business to ask all about how she […]


  IDENTITY: Kid Enigma/KE Interview by Phil Rizzo Rafael Perez (aka KE/Kid Enigma) is a name that will be coming up on your radar frequently in the near future. With releases like “When I Do My Thang” with Nathan Barato and “On The Ropes” with Derrick Carter, KE has quickly become your favorite DJ’s favorite producer. […]


Growing up with a huge respect for the Chicago house music scene, Matthew Anthony held the cities legends in high regard.  From classic Chicago house sounds of Derrick Carter, and Joey Youngman to the more recent productions of Green Velvet, Kid Enigma’s vocal work, and the many artists Chicago has incubated the past few years, […]

INTERVIEW: Anthony Attalla (Incorrect Music)

If there are only a handful of artists who’s music actively embody their culture, history, and passion for what they do,  Anthony Attalla is at the top of that list.  A native of Detroit, Anthony has taken on a passion for the techno roots that grow deep within the city.  Then, in 2011 Anthony moved […]

IN THE MIX: Phil Rizzo – Guesthouse June 2016

PHIL RIZZO – GUESTHOUSE: June 2016 Resident DJ Phil Rizzo just released his June 2016 episode of GUESTHOUSE featuring music by Primary acts Gene Farris, Supernova, DJ Pierre, and more! Tracklist: 1.Range byJohn Joshua 2.Plastic Jungle (Chus & Ceballos remix) bySupernova 3.Revolution (David Keno remix) bySante Sansone 4.The Beat (Gene Farris remix) byDJ Pierre & Supernova 5.Peach (original mix) byMarcus […]

What a night!

A global ambassador of Chicago’s classic house music sound, Gene Farris has spiritedly contributed to the evolving house and techno culture of this century. He began playing Acid House, Disco and the classic Chicago style of his peers at a young age, developing a unique sound that lead him to performances at Chicago’s legendary underground […]